What is Creative Thinking - Definition and Explanation

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Creative thinking is the ability to produce fresh ideas in order to solve problems, look for alternatives and improvements or simply to create something artistically beautiful that has emotional value.

The most important skill for creative thinking is the ability to connect seemingly unrelated information to develop novel solutions, or new ideas. This kind of thinking is called associative thinking.

Everybody is able to use associative thinking to search for new ideas. It is a skill like any other. However, to some people associative thinking comes naturally and without much effort, so they are more versatile thinkers than the others who have to put more effort into thinking of new ideas.

what is creative thinking
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Without creative thinking there can be no innovation. Even small ideas can often make huge impact on improving existing products and processes. On the other hand, ground breaking ideas often seem simple and perfectly logical - this is why they are so outstanding - and yet they are always product of great knowledge and hard thinking.

Creative thinking is what moves civilisation forward. If everybody thought in the same way, using traditional thinking patterns, no scientific or engineering invention would ever be possible and the society would not evolve. Creative thinking in the field of arts challenges human spirit and opens psychological and spiritual insights which help us understand the world around us and ourselves as human beings.

The world we live in is changing at a remarkable pace. Technology we use today will probably be obsolete in ten years and many professions that exist today will become redundant, while new will emerge. That is why scientists agree that in future creative thinking will become one of the most important personal skills. It will help individuals navigate through their life and career as changes and challenges in everyday reality will become more complex and difficult to cope.

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