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Creative people sometimes get so deeply stuck with their lack of inspiration that no ordinary methods for overcoming creative blocks can help. Sometimes, a little help from above is needed, some creative mojo that will magically unblock their thinking and make their creative juices flow. In this game that the creative people have to play on their own, any method can serve the purpose as long as the final goal of being able to create again is achieved.

Creative Stone (Fluorite)
My Creative Stone (Fluorite)
Writing, just like any other activity requires constant work and practice. During the past few months I was working on the projects that separated me from my creative thinking blog so much that at one point I felt I completely lost touch with it. When I finally sat down to write, I felt drained out of inspiration and it was hard for me to focus on my posts. The activity that once was pleasurable suddenly became extremely difficult and hard to accomplish.

Something had to be done. I did not feel depressed, I did not become panicky, I new that I simply fell out of practice. If you stop jogging for several months, you cannot expect to run a marathon the first time you step back on the running track.

I was at peace because I know these three truths about creativity:

1. Universe is full of fresh ideas

Just look at the beauty and the perfection of Nature’s work. Think of all those brilliant ideas that make up the world around us. Where did all those ideas come from? Who provided that abundance of forms, colours, mechanisms... and who made them fit together so perfectly? The answer is simple: Universe.

2. Ideas are available to everyone

Some people easily recognize and use ideas, others just let them fly past them. Some find inspiration in everything that they do, others have to try hard to think of new ideas. To most people ideas come randomly and unexpectedly, but some people are able to search and find specific ideas just when they most need them. Ideas are everywhere around us, all one has to do is reach out and grab them.

3. I can have ideas whenever I need them

There are so many things which can block my connection to the Universe and the ideas it holds in store for me, like stress, physical exhaustion, all kinds of distractions, strong emotions... If I can learn how to overcome those blocks, I will be able to create freely and abundantly.

Although I knew all this, I still needed an extra something to help me get new ideas, a device that will channel creative energy from the Universe directly to my work. I needed a radio which would catch creative frequencies and broadcast fresh ideas for me.

I though what could that be. What thing has such powers to become my source of infinite inspiration? I new that it had to be a simple, everyday object that can be easily found and carried around. Then it dawned on me. I needed a stone with special powers, a stone which will attract creative energies from the Universe and store them for me so that I can use them whenever I wanted. With such a stone in my possession, I will never run out of inspiration!

Creative Stone (Fluorite)
Always keep your creative mojo with you!
So I went on a quest to find my own, my one and unique Creative Stone. 

First I went through the collection of stones that I had compiled during my summer holidays. Many of them were marvellously looking but somehow unfit for the purpose. I needed not only a beautiful, but also a mysterious stone - because Universe works in mysterious ways. I realised that I needed a little less ordinary stone, I needed a crystal.

I decided to look for it in shops specialised in selling stones and crystals.

The first shop that I visited offered a vide variety of stones and crystals in different shapes and sizes. The shop assistant was eager to help me find the stone I needed, but I decided not to be the one who will choose the stone. Instead, I wanted to let the stone choose me. I searched through the shelves that contained big, colourful stones displayed on them. I dipped my fingers in wooden boxes containing small gems. I held them in my hand, marvelled at the reflections of light that they produced... but somehow, not one of the stones that I picked up convinced me that it was THE Creative Stone.

The next day I visited another shop and had pretty much the same experience. There were so many different stones of various shapes, cuts and sizes but none of them attracted me enough. Just when I thought of giving up, my eyes caught sight of a small, egg-shaped stone displayed on one of the shelves. It was purple, striped with smoke-like structures that gave it depth and reflected light in such a way that you had a feeling that it contained clouds of star dust inside. The moment I saw it, I new that I had found my Creative Stone.

The stone I chose was a fluorite. Later that day I searched the Internet for more information about it and I found some interesting facts that only proved that indeed I did not choose the stone - the stone choose me.

The name fluorite was derived from the Latin verb ’to flow’ (Remember, I needed the stone to stream my creative energy!). It is believed that fluorite increases our powers of concentration and self-confidence (Hmmm, writers need lots of concentration and self-confidence!). It encourages positivity, helps in decision making, improves physical and mental balance and coordination (Some positivity and balance will also come in handy!). One website even wrote: ’Purple Fluorite increases mystic visions and aids spiritual balance.  It helps the intuition to connect to the rational mind.’ (Ha, just how good is that!) Fluorite is the stone of the Pisces (Can you guess my Zodiac sign?) and purple fluorite is the stone of the third eye Chakra (Wow!). Fluorite is fluorescent under ultraviolet light (UV) and thermo luminescent – it glows when heated.
Creative Stone (Fluorite)
My Creative Stone (Fluorite)
My Creative Stone is small in size but great in powers. I always keep it on my desk whenever I write and I never seem to run out of ideas. It is small enough to fit my pocket, so I carry it around with me to accompany me on my creative journeys.

You can also look for your own creative helper. It need not be a stone, it can be any other object containing special powers that only you can recognize. My very good friend Divna, philosopher and writer, has a small Troll doll which she always carries with her. This Troll is her creative friend who always jumps in and whispers new ideas in her ear whenever she needs some inspiration.

So be imaginative, look around you, and search for interesting objects that can become a source of your inspiration. It can be a hairpin that you made when you were a small girl, a toy, a dry leaf with beautiful and inspiring colours or a sea shell that you picked up from the sea bed the last time you went on a vacation.

Creative people are playful, they like to daydream and they recognize hidden meanings in objects and events around them. Allow yourself to be wacky and eccentric and use any tool available that can boost your creative thinking and help you grow your creative powers.

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