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Every mental activity starts first as an electric impulse in the brain. The impulse is perceived as a thought. The thought is transformed into an idea. The idea is followed by actions, actions lead to realisation. Our thoughts possess enormous powers. If you wish to build your creative capabilities, you need to start with a thought. Think of yourself as a creative person. But how can I develop something that I do not have natural talent for, I can already hear you complaining. If you feel the urge to be creative, that means that you do have at least some creative powers, some creative potential. If you have a strong faith in your creativity you will soon see yourself transformed into a real creative person. Creative Affirmations Generator might just be the tool that will help you build that confidence.

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Respect your creative self

The best way to change the old way of thinking and to open your mind to a free flow of creative thoughts is to address your own creative self. Use words in the process because words have magic powers. Kind words can disarm quarrelsome mind; loving words can make relationship flourish; words of support can cheer up the most troublesome person; words of hope can give one strength to fight the worst hardships; words of trust can bring back calm and peace to a frightened heart…

Be the first person who will come forward and tell you that you are creative. Or, if you already know that but you are experiencing a temporary creative block, give yourself moral support by confirming the fact that you are creative. Do not be modest. Throw yourself a compliment.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are very powerful tool in changing old thinking habits. Louise L. Hay used them to heal minds and bodies of her clients and she wrote numerous books about the power of positive affirmations. I suggest you try out one of her methods. Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself deep in the eyes (create connection with your inner self) and say it out loud and proud – I AM CREATIVE!

Creative affirmations

When I decided to write this post, at first I planned to give you a list of positive affirmations that you could use to boost you creative confidence. But then another idea occurred to me. Why not give you the opportunity to choose your affirmations on daily basis! That is how Creative Affirmations Generator was born.

The first time I tried it myself, I felt great excitement. I felt an anticipation of what my affirmation would be, and when it finally popped up, I was surprised to see how neat and motivating the whole thing was! I felt like I had just drunk some creative energizer that would keep my creative spirits up. I invite you to try out
Creative Affirmations Generator tool and look for your own daily affirmation. Keep that affirmation in your mind throughout the course of the day. Write it down somewhere where it will be visible for you all the time. Say it to yourself whenever you meet eye to eye with yourself in front of the mirror. Think about it while driving back home from work, working in the garden or preparing dinner. Use your creative affirmations every day and you will see your creative confidence grow. "You Become What You Think About" is what Earl Nightingale, the master of self development, pointed out in his epic message that he recorded for his employees in 1957. This message, and the book that was based upon this famous speech, is as timely today as it was when first published.

You need to think of yourself as a creative person in order to be able to produce creative ideas with ease and confidence. It would be my great pleasure to make a small contribution to your creative growth by offering you my
Creative Affirmations Generator. I encourage you to try it out and to send me your honest feedback.

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