Friday, September 30, 2011

Million Dollar Blog Project

I am so excited to announce that this blog has become a part of Million Dollar Blog Project which is conceived and led by Corbett Barr and his team from Think Traffic blog.

If you already have a blog of your own, or plan to start blogging, please check out the Think Traffic site to learn more about building successful blogs.

No matter whether you are an experienced blogger or a complete novice, you are invited to join us in this exciting and creative adventure!


MaryMary86 said...

Just dropping in to say "hi". Do you mind discussing blog issues? I'd love to know if you used a widget or piece of software for your email subscription in your sidebar.

Heck - I'll subscribe if you tell me!

Also as a suggestion - your comment procedure doesn't allow someone to enter a general name/website. Normally I don't leave a comment if I can't leave my URL! (but you can visit me at - I'm still working on a few issues but you can see the blog posts in the right sidebar (I'm not a spammer!))

Carolyn Elliott said...

Hi Pedja!

I'm writing to invite you to participate in the Million Dollar Blog Project tribal blog syndication forum:

And you might also be interested to read this little article I wrote explaining the virtues of tribal blog syndication:

Hope to see you there!

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