Do Not Be Afraid to Speak Out Your Ideas

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How often do you share your ideas? Are you one of those who feel they are creative but never seem to be able to gather enough courage to express their creativity? Do you know what is stopping you? Is it you? Other people? Circumstances?
Ground breaking ideas are usually difficult to understand at first - Leonardo's flying machine

Ideas are intimate products of our mind. Some people find it easy to share their creativity with others, some are shy and insecure. One thing is for sure - it is great to see your idea being accepted by other people; or to see your ideas working in practice, to know that you have created some value, something that brings good to the people and the world around you.

It is worth fighting for your ideas so never be shy to give it a try. Speak out loud your ideas. The only thing that is really stopping you from doing it is you and the wrong attitudes you have towards you own creativity. Here are some examples of wrong attitudes that you should try to avoid.

People will laugh at my ideas
People are generally negative towards new ideas and they easily judge and criticize other people and their thoughts and actions. It is much easier to criticize and dismiss an idea than to use some mental effort to analyze it and understand it. Many a great ideas were laughed off at first and only later they were accepted after much persuasion and explanation. If people laugh at your idea, ask them to come forward with their own ideas. I bet that those who laugh most will have least to offer. 

My ideas are not good enough
The worst enemy of your creativity is your own censorship. People often expect too much from their ideas and are never completely satisfied with what they have to offer. Creativity is a process, meaning that ideas often need time to develop and mature to bring fruits. Give them a chance to be born, do not abort them. Share them. Maybe your idea (be it an excellent one or just an average) will inspire people around you to think of another idea, or ten new ideas, and maybe together you will create something unique and exceptional. 

My ideas are too good, someone may steal them
OK, so you might have a brilliant idea, but how are you going to make it reality? It is very unlikely that you will be able to pull it entirely on your own. You will certainly need help from people around you. So you will have to share it with others, sooner or later. If you are constantly afraid that your ideas will be stolen, they will stay locked up inside your mind and will never see the light of day. Instead, try to 'infect' other people with your idea. Find people around you who will share the same enthusiasm that you feel, and together with them try to make your idea a reality.

I will soon run out of new ideas if I squander them like that
True creatives are always eager to produce and share new ideas. Only those who are lazy to think creatively are satisfied with what little creativity they have and jealously keep those few ideas for themselves. So keep creating and sharing new ideas. The more ideas you produce today, the easier it will be for you to create in future. Think of creative thinking like running. If you run a mile every day, after some time you will be able to run 2, 3, 4 miles and one day, after much training, you might even be able to run a marathon. If you create on daily basis your brain will become faster, better focused, trained to build new mental links and shortcuts and new ideas will pour out without you even being aware of what is happening to you.

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