Creativity and Process of Learning

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When we were children we hated going to school and having to learn boring lessons day after day. All we wanted was to play. Today, in order to be more creative and able to play, we need to learn to learn again.

Art by Moby
Learning is essential for creativity.
Constant learning will keep your brain active and it will help it work faster and more efficiently than usual. Learning new information on daily basis increases the data pool in your brain which will leave you better prepared for solving different problems and generating creative ideas.  

Constant learning will keep your mind fresh and young.
I once had a friend whose grandfather was a retired surgeon who used to pass his time solving math problems. He did it every day. Needles to say that his mind worked perfectly well and he reached very old age. Learning languages, memorizing poetry, acquiring new skills throughout the course of life will help you stay sharp, agile and creative. And new skills together with new knowledge will inspire you to create new ideas. With newly acquired talents you will be able to think of new and amazing things that do not even cross your mind today.
Photo: artist unkown to me
One of my favourite creatives is Moby. He is best known as a musician but he is also a photographer, artist, author, producer, performer... and he is working with different charities including the The Humane Society and the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function. His multiple talents, wide knowledge and open mind have helped him create wonderful art and successful music career.

Learning new things will help you meet like minded people and it will probably take you to visit new and interesting places. It will also increase your communication potential because you will be able to debate on different topics. Eventually, you will have more fulfilling and interesting social life.

So dedicate yourself to learning one new thing every day (but it has to be something with no direct connection to your current profession!!!). Pick up a subject that has always fascinated you but you never had enough time to spare on it. Read about it. Enroll a course. Try learning a new language, or perfect the one you already know by learning three new words every day. If you like reading, dedicate yourself to reading one short story every day. If you love art, try to make one new drawing every day… If you prefer science and mysteries of the universe, grab some literature, books from a bookstore or library, or science magazines, and start exploring planets and stars on your own.

Spend every day half an hour of your time learning and developing your talents and see your life change in new and creative directions.

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