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There are some talents that we never discover simply because we do not try certain things. I had never considered cooking a particularly interesting activity till the day I moved to live on my own and had no one to cook for me. Only then did I discover the fantastic world of spices, exotic oils and vinegars, seductive sauces and sweet creams that can brighten your day no matter how stressed out you might feel.

I have never read any cook book, in fact, out of hundreds of books that I possess none of them has anything to do with cooking. I usually prepare my meals relying on common sense and recipes that I picked up watching TV or assisting my friends while they were cooking. As a child I used to spend lots of time with my granny helping her around the kitchen so I learned many recipes from her without actually being aware of it. I only realized it decades ago when I started to cook and somehow was able to prepare most of her favourite meals. Nowadays, whenever I am not sure how to prepare a particular dish I ring my mum and ask her for a piece of advice.

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I usually cook simple meals because they are fast and easy to prepare. I prefer simple living so I guess that attitude is reflected in my cooking. I will describe here some of my favourite dishes. If you also have talent for cooking, maybe you can send me your favourite recipe, just keep it simple, please.

My favourite starter is mozzarella with some oregano, basil and baby tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil. It reminds me of Italy, lazy Mediterranean afternoons and waves rolling under my window.

I simply love white vegetable soup. I prepare it with lots of different vegetables: cauliflower, peas, green beans, carrots, corn, Brussels sprouts and chicken breasts. When everything is nicely cooked I add some white cream and spices: pepper, salt, parsley, thyme, shallot... I particularly enjoy it on cold, rainy days when everything around me is dull and grey. My white soup always helps me restore energy and good moods.

Main dish
Chicken with vegetables is absolutely the easiest meal you can possibly think of. You simply cut vegetables: potatoes, paprika, onion, broccoli... into small pieces and you add some olive oil and salt. You cover chicken in spices (I use ready-made mix that I buy in the supermarket), put it in a plastic bag together with the vegetables and you bake it in the oven. Do not overheat the oven so that it can slowly cook in its own juices. Serve it hot and eat it using fingers. Food always tastes better this way because you are able to feel extra sensations while holding warm pieces of meat in your hand; or while dipping bread into tasty vegetables or while licking spices off your fingers.

My absolute favourite is a brown cake that I make from flour, yogurt, eggs, butter and cocoa powder. Before baking it in the oven I either add to the mixture some crashed nuts or dried fruit, or small pieces of dark chocolate. This way the cake is different every time but it is always equally tasty. OMG how I like the sweet smell of hot cake rising from the oven. I usually prepare it with extra cocoa powder so that it becomes really, really brown and rich in chocolate. It is so dark and sexy, it makes you instantly fall in love with it.

My favourites are red wine and dark beer, the choice depends on the mood and the food that is on the menu. During the day I usually drink water or kombucha drink that I produce myself with a little help from my kombucha mushroom called George.

Secret behind god cooking
In order to prepare meals that everyone will enjoy you need passion and motivation. So all you have to do is find someone special that you will cook for and then add some of love that you feel for that person into your cooking. It is as simple as that!

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