What Is Creativity For You?

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Creativity is the process in which all you previous knowledge, emotions and personal experiences combine with the traditional ideas, rules and patterns to generate new and original ideas, possibilities and alternatives that bring value to yourself but more importantly, to other people.

This value can be some help in solving practical problems, help in communication with others or it can have entertaining or spiritual purpose.

In fact, it is very difficult to find the precise definition of creativity because for the creative people 2+2 almost never equals 4. Every person is creative for himself/herself and every person will tell you his/her definition of creativity and why they find it valuable. I asked myself, why is creativity so important for me?

Here is why I am so attracted to Mademoiselle Creativity.

Creativity is a way of expressing myself
Throughout my life I have always felt strong need to engage in one or another artistic activity. There were periods when I used to paint almost every day. I spent years studying architecture and working on different spatial design projects. There was a time when I used to read a lot, write, and translate texts and books. When I got into advertising business, I spent years doing graphic design, and later, web design. This need to create ideas and to translate them into reality has always been a part of me.

Creativity is my inspiration in life
I love to learn about other people’s creativity. I can browse Internet for hours discovering interesting people and reading about their creative projects. I get so inspired by lives and thoughts of successful business people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson... to name the most famous among them, who changed our everyday lives with their creativity. It is also very inspiring to learn about the lives of great masters of art and psychological torments that accompanied creation of their master pieces. By studying art and creativity one can learn so much about history, civilisation and human psychology.

Creativity gives me personal fulfillment
There is no greater joy than to realise that you have materialised something that was once just an idea, an electrical impulse in your head. And what a joy to discover that, by doing that, you are maybe benefiting other people by inventing things or services that they need. Your creative project may one day provide jobs for people and existence for their families. No matter whether the outcome of your creative effort is big or small, it shows that you brought to world something new and original, and that is precisely the most amazing thing about being creative.

Creativity is the best stress release
Whenever I feel really, really angry and overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions - I clean my house! Instead of eating myself out or quarreling with other people, I am creating cleaner environment for myself. On other occasions I simply turn on my favourite music and dance around the house, or I go to an art gallery to see an exhibition. I love to be surrounded by paintings and feel the vibrant energy radiating from the canvases. When I get tired of this world, I visit a theatre performance and watch a whole new world of imagination taking place on the stage, right there in front of my eyes!

But maybe the best stress release for me is to play with my two cats or to go outside, fly a kite, lay on the grass, watch birds and bees and enjoy the nature – God’s most wonderful creation.

What is creativity for you?
Send me your answers!


Back in 2007 Herman Vaske did an interview with a young actress Milla Jovovich and asked her: Why are you creative? Milla was super jolly in this video but she made some interesting points about creativity and its importance in life.

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