Bring New Ideas To Your Office And Let Your Bosses Award You For That

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Modern economy is based on discovering and creating of new needs, and on providing new products and services designed to meet those needs. Big companies have Research and Development departments which brainstorm ideas about how to create new values for their clients on daily basis. But great ideas are not born only in the minds of innovation experts; they are also born in the minds of many other employees working in the company. The problem is they are not always recognized, presented and appreciated. 

At work we are required to come up with new ideas whenever there is some problem that needs to be solved. This is the situation where bosses are most open to various creative suggestions simply because they feel they are in trouble and are looking for a way out. If you are one of those who are creative and fast enough, you will have no problem to come forward and provide right solutions that will be easily recognized and accepted. But not everybody gets a chance to be a hero of the day simply because they are not able to be creative when being under pressure and on a very short notice; or because they fear that their ideas will not be appreciated; or they think they are not creative enough to think of any smart solution... This still does not mean that they are not able to think of great ideas that could be good for the business. 

Sometimes ideas pop up spontaneously, during the working process, and are not connected to solving a particular problem but to alternative ways of doing things. These ideas can be simple but very useful. It can be an idea of how to stock things in a warehouse, how to organize folders in the company server computer or a suggestion how to improve content of direct mail you are routinely sending to your clients. Or it can be a completely new idea of how to cut costs on office material or how to redesign office space so that everyone feels more comfortable. You need not be a top manager to be able to think of a great idea how to promote a new product or service, or how to extend the customers data base, for example.

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Idea how to create a stress free office – get an office pet!
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Very often we just overlook these ideas and go on with our routine without putting much effort into thinking more deeply about them and the possibilities they might open for us. The result is wasted creativity and wasted opportunity to bring improvement into the business, and ultimately, into one’s own career. 

We also tend to be too harsh on ourselves and we kill our ideas without even giving them a second thought simply because we think that they are not clever enough. Wrong!!! YOUR IDEA NEED NOT BE A REVOLUTIONARY ONE. It can even be something that is already being done somewhere else, but not in your company! It is important that it is new for the particular situation and good enough to bring new value to the business. 

If you recognize some potential in the idea that has occurred to you, put some time and energy into thinking how it could be developed and implemented. Look for the useful information you will need to transform the idea into a concrete business proposal. Think of all benefits of the idea, but also of possible problems that may occur during the process of its implementation. Think how the others could benefit from your idea. Do not be egoistic! Consult other people. Ask them to join in and support the cause. Choose the right moment to mention the idea to your superior. Provide arguments and explanations; offer it in the form of a project or a small presentation.

By being proactive and creative at work you are showing that you care about the business. If the idea is great and it works, well, you will earn additional credibility and be perceived as someone who knows the ropes so people will begin to treat you with more respect. Needless to mention that your bosses will love to have someone like you in their team so sooner or later your efforts will start to bring you deserved benefits and your creativity will pay off. 

Be brave and fight for your idea. It is a fruit of your inspiration; it deserves attention and a chance to be presented to the world outside your inner universe. You have very little to lose. If everything goes well, great, if not, well, at least you have tried.

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