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Everybody is creative!
If you think that you are not creative, you are terribly wrong. The mere fact that you are not using creativity in your every day life does not mean that you do not have it in you. Maybe your creativity needs some encouragement; maybe you need to learn a few techniques to unleash it; maybe you simply need to free some room in your life for creativity, some time that you can spend alone with your Creative Self and let creative things happen by themselves.

To prove to you that you are creative, I will ask you a simple question: Have you ever been in a situation where you had to improvise in order to achieve something? It does not matter whether your improvisation was a success or not. I am sure that your answer is: Yes. If so, that means that you have it inside - the act of improvising is in fact the act of being creative. Not every painting is a master piece, therefore not every improvisation needs to be great. The important thing is that they are both results of a human ability to be creative, in one way or another.

It’s time to be creative!

- Oh, but people are born creative. I am not one of those fortunate ones.
Creativity is like running. Everybody can run. The young can run, the old can run, some are quite good at running, some do it professionally, some run for fun, some can run just a few meters before running out of breath... but they can all run! The same applies to creativity. 

- I am too rational to be creative.
What about great scientists and inventors? They are all quite rational people, and yet, they manage to create amazing theories and patents. And what about great business people? They are also very rational when handling money, and yet, creative enough to build their financial empires.

- I have no time to be creative.
It is a common misconception that it takes a lot of time to develop creativity and to practice it. True, it does take time to paint a mural or to carve a statue, but it need not take you much time to come up with a creative idea to solve some business problem or do some every day task in a creative way.

- I have no opportunity to express my own creativity.
Maybe the organizational structure in your company is such that it does not allow you to take initiative and be creative, but still, it does not mean that you cannot be creative within your own reach of action. Maybe you can perform the same tasks in a different way. You can be creative at home: have some interesting hobby, engage in some activity (like solo singing or some voluntary work). You can start a project on your own. Maybe in time it will grow to become a new business opportunity for you.

Life is so much more fun if you are creative!
You need creativity at work, when dealing with every day situations or when setting up goals and visions for your company, or your own career. You need creativity in your private life to help you build strong relationship with your partner or with your children. You need creativity for the purpose of your own personal well-being and spiritual development. Maybe you had been a talented painter once when you were a child, or a writer, or a guitar player, but then, due to various life circumstances you gave up your artistic aspirations and chose to live more ‘realistic’, more ‘advantageous’ life. In fact, you gave up a very important part of your personality – that, which if lived again, could help you become much happier, peaceful and loving person.


If you are anxious to find out how creative you are, you can take this on-line Creativity Self-Assessment Test that was developed by CREAX Company. Personally, I do not believe that creativity can be measured with numbers but I am certain that you will find this test amusing - for some of you the results might turn out to be very inspiring ; )
Let me know your score!

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